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Technical Training

Technical training is offered to students and people who are interested in rapid career growth. Higher education in many places offers only theoretical knowledge. Practical training is woefully very little making the graduates unemployable. Employers in various biotechnological, biomedical fields require people with technical skill and competence.

In JASMN foundation training is offered to build new skills and competence so that the candidates acquire confidence in taking responsibilities in technical and managerial positions. They will have the exposure to work methodologies and can put their hands on new opportunities in diverse field in pharma companies and hospitals etc.

We also provide training in medical Parasitology to students of Microbiology, medical lab technology and those who require it. Both instructions and demonstration of slides will be undertaken. The course is for three days which can be arranged even on holidays (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)  

Microbilogy Techniques, Identification of Bacteria   Latest Equipments

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